Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Morning mugs

In the kitchen at Guldi........ (a cupboard view).

I am drinking my coffee and adjusting to another wet day here in Denmark! This week finds me eager to fire a small kiln-load of work so that I can have more bisque-fired test tiles to develop my cyanotype images on, and also to begin some experimenting with (another alternative photo process) gum bichromate. The test tiles have to be fired once, even if only to a low temperature, as these processes use a water development bath... I can't conceive of how this would work on unfired/greenware!

I did end up ordering more cyanotype type chemistry from the States. I'm sure it will take a while to arrive, though. A friend of mine just sent me a care package and it is being held at central post in Copenhagen, until they receive more information about what is inside and how much it's worth. Hopefully a commercial shipment will reach me with fewer problems....

Here is a view of some slipcast pieces I have made, also waiting be fired. It has been great fun (well... mostly) learning to make the plaster molds. Mine are quite ugly but are still casting pretty things!

I have just mixed up a batch of earthenware/paperclay slip, and found this great tool in the glaze room. I don't know what it's called. More importantly, I don't know how I've worked all these years as a potter and not had one!!! (My new favorite tool!) I have basically just added paper fiber to liquid clay, which creates a lighter object once fired, and somewhat different working properties when wet. (I am still figuring this out.)

Another cyanotype test piece and another bike ride mark the end of the day here in Skaelskor. Here is the Danish answer to single track?

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