Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Light without end

July 4. Its my fourth morning here in Greenland, fourth night spent without a sunset, without darkness or stars. I now live in an ethereal world of constant light, and I block the windows so I can sleep in my little attic room overlooking the sea.

Sleep isnt a problem for me though - not yet!! Im still catching up from a couple nights spent awake on the trip to GL. Reflecting now from a quieter vantage point, I realize how incredibly busy I was as I prepared to leave Colorado for the Arctic. Rest is so welcome, and I find myself sinking into with abandon. I dream of trees, bike riding, and the people I long for.

Most days, the humidity and clouds allow only a dim distinction between water and air, ocean and sky. I squint my eyes looking for a horizon, for giant icebergs that might tell me where the world begins and ends. The light and color are so gentle.

The lack of night makes this whole experience seem timeless. I love not knowing (or caring) what hour it is. Theres nowhere for me to be but right here, right now, in the middle of noon or midnight.

Taken last night about 11:30pm from the front of my cabin... Greetings from GL!!!

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